2014: Looking back

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this site. I began my first post with three life goals for 2014 to try to put more focus and effort into my life:

  • Get kick-ass grades and know I tried my best
  • Complete Tough Mudder (June, 2014) which consequently means working out, eating cleanly, sleeping well and being well-watered, all that jazz for 6 months (oh help)
  • Be able to do the splits (either direction, not too fussed)

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Autumn in Edinburgh

Life stresses have been appearing all over the place; I’m stuck living with the uncertainty of the future, being in a kind of stop-gap, while somehow simultaneously missing people and places of the past so much….

Summer rain

It rained today as if it would never stop. Heavy, then lighter, then misty, then pure buckets. Permeating the skin and creeping into the crevices of the heart. The kind of rain where leaving the…