Hello! Welcome to Soul Acuity.

This is a place for sharing stuff that makes the soul happy 🙂 Healthy mind + healthy body = comforted soul. I write a lot about keeping fit and mentally healthy, skincare (having had a ton of skin problems for years) and the occasional book or film review.

I started this blog in January 2014 as a place to chronicle training and the experience of completing Tough Mudder. It instilled a love for obstacle course racing and I still document my attempts at being an amateur OC racer. I’m not really getting any better at it.

Fragments of love: web/branding design, trying very hard to keep fit, Lush, front-end development, eating good food, sushi, psychology, classic musicals, tea, k-pop, watching too much American TV, dance (hip-hop), yoga, films and sleeping.

The name Soul Acuity flew into my head one day. It doesn’t really mean anything, but I love what it symbolises – an acute essence, an instance of being, and knowing yourself.

Race log


28/05 – Bing Blazer 10k
01/05 – Trailtroopers 10k
09/04 – Spartan Sprint 5k
06/03 – Resolution Run 10k


18/10 – Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest
27/09 – Spartan Beast 24k
19/07 – Spartan Super 16k
16/05 – Spartan Sprint 5k
14/03 – The Mighty Deerstalker 5k
01/03 – The Saviour Race 6k


21/09 – Spartan Sprint 5k
14/06 – Tough Mudder 18k

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