Switching to Lush: cleanser and toner review

This is part of an honest series on finding and replacing bath & body products with suitable Lush alternatives, due to a personal drive towards more ethical consumerism. As well as the products being cruelty-free free and vegan, Lush packaging is minimal and they offer a return-for-recycling scheme (with a free face mask!). I have very dry, sensitive, allergy-prone skin with eczema so skincare is a pretty big hassle. Therefore, I’m looking for products that do not compromise on treatment, but are also not gratuitously more expensive. These are the results 🙂

Switching to Lush series

Hand cream


One of the best Lush products I have tried so far is one of their cleansers. I use cleanser at night to remove makeup before washing my face, so any Lush product replacing the one I had had to have the same makeup-removing power as well as not irritating my skin. At the time I switched, I also had a lot of eczema on my face.

Switching from: Pond’s Institute Cold Cream Cleanser (Essential Care)
Price: £3.29 (50ml) (£6.58 / 100ml)
Effectiveness rating: 4/5

I’d used Pond’s Cold Cream for a few years and it was one of those products that worked absolutely fine. It has a slight floral scent and feels clinical on the skin, quite a light, thick cream. I would use a baby wipe to remove it after a couple minutes, and all makeup (waterproof and otherwise) came off immediately. I made the mistake once of trying the Anti-Wrinkle version and my skin stung so much I had to switch back to the ‘original’, which I’m guessing is fragrance-free. The Essential Care one always left my skin soft and is also great value for money. I found it stung if it went in my eyes, though.


Meet Ultrabland!

Ultra effective, ultra gentle face cleanser. A rich, soft, oily cleansing cream that cares gently for all skin types. Invented by them, for them, this is the Lush founders’ number 1 Desert Island product.

Lush productUltrabland
Price: £7.50 / 45g and £11.95 / 100g
Effectiveness rating5/5

This might be one of the best, most caring skin products I’ve ever used. It’s oil-based (almond oil), so helps so much with skin flare ups. My eczema is also soothed a lot when this goes on and after wiping it off the skin is hydrated and calmed. It has the consistency of buttercream icing – thick but very slightly gritty. It completely annihilates waterproof mascara.

You don’t have to, but after letting the cleanser sit on my skin for a couple of minutes, I now also use a toner water spray – wiping both products off with cotton pads (and a baby wipe for eye makeup). This is a much more gentle way of removing the cleanser as the toner adds some moisture to the formula. The water is also lovely and feels very refreshing.


The toner is Eau Roma Water – £4.50 / 100g or £8.50 / 200g.

Kind aromatherapy water to cherish your face. A gentle tonic for everyday use that will help hydrate the skin and without causing it to overreact.

Ultrabland and Eau Roma are both more expensive skincare products but they worth the money. I reckon the larger pot of Ultrabland lasts at least three months, and that’s being used once everyday (and I probably apply it too liberally).

Switching to Lush: hand cream review

This is part of an honest series on finding and replacing bath & body products with suitable Lush alternatives, due to a personal drive towards more ethical consumerism. As well as the products being cruelty-free…

Nails Inc x Barry M

A recent discovery in Boots combined with a perfect Christmas present has made me super happy with my nails this week (sometimes it’s the little things, I guess).


    Interesting review! I’ve recently changed most of my products for Lush products and I’m seeing such a difference. I’ve just bought a face cleanser called Fresh Farmacy – though I haven’t tried it yet!

    I recently started using Ultrabland at night, with Herbalism in the moring to control my conbination skin that is prone to hormonal breakouts. My local Asian shop sell 500ml bottles of Rose Water for less than £2 and it lasts months. Lush is lovely but over price many products, and Roma Water is probably the worst for that.

    Gosh this is an old blog post! Thank you for your new comment 🙂 yes – I find that too. I’ve actually phased out Lush from my skin and haircare routine now (my blog is not being updated at the moment) as I have had more skin trouble. How do you find Ultrabland? I think it might have been too oily for my skin, which has become more sensitive. I now use a cleanser from Dermalogica.

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