Motivation, new finds and little changes

– Death, in Night Watch by Terry Pratchett

I think this is the most terrifying quote in the entire Discworld series. It strikes great fear into my heart.

I’ve reached Making Money, and am getting increasingly sad and angry that now Terry Pratchett is gone there are no more new adventures to read or other areas of the Disc to explore. Not too much as been said about Bhangbhangduc, Dijabringabeeralong, or Djelibeybi, and it’s a really unhappy thought that we won’t know more.

I’ve been struggling a bit lately with motivation. Time seems to be flying now working full-time, and I know probably 80% of the population is in this position, but it took a while for me to get a work-life balance sorted rather than crashing as soon as I get home. I find I’m going week to week with it passing in a blur, but not quite making the most of free time either.

Thanks to some small injuries (more niggles than anything, but enough to take me out for a week at a time) training has been very up and down. Mostly down. So even the dream workout plan isn’t happening, despite July and the start of August being pretty successful. Most recently it’s been a pain in the arch of my foot, kicking in after about a mile and a half, that’s enough to hurt for several days after. My trainers (Nike LunarEclipse 2) are three years old now, and have done almost 500 miles, so I’m guessing the support is going. I’d be happy for another identical pair, but Nike have moved on by several models; I’ve been able to get my hands on a pair of the 5s, and need a few more goes on the treadmill before deciding whether or not my feet will be ok in them.

So I wanted to gather a few things to be grateful for, because there’s lots of literature around gratefulness and affirmations that can help positivity in general, as well as ‘Things I love’ posts which seem fun.



  1. Motivational posters
    These are two motivational posters stuck on my wall – both from web-based conferences attended this year. I love them both – especially ‘Begin anywhere’ which is a hand-made print and helps encourage me to just do stuff, even if I’m struggling to know where to start.
  2. Autumn
    It’s September, which marks the start of my favourite season. I love everything about autumn – the cold, the leaves turning, the weather, and the nights drawing in. And of course, Halloween.
  3. TV starting soon
    This is a weird one, but I am wildly excited about certain favourite shows returning, and some new ones starting as well. I’m going a bit crazy with nothing to watch at the moment (yeah, I could get more hobbies, I know, probably the root of many problems) and am so keen for:

    • American Horror Story: Hotel [S5]
    • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (the two-hour series finale, sob)
    • CSI: Cyber [S2]
    • How to Get Away with Murder [S2]
    • Limitless [S1]
    • Minority Report [S1]
    • Person of Interest [S5]
    • NCIS [S13]
    • The Fall [S3]
    • The Leftovers [S2]
    • The Simpsons [S27]
    • Wayward Pines [S1]
  4. Switching to Lush and going organic
    For over a month now I’ve been making more conscious changes and decisions when it comes to what I’m buying. I want to lessen my financial support of companies that include unethical practices, and move towards finding brands that are fair trade, organic, and support recyclable packaging. I don’t want my existence to harm the planet more. The consequence has been a complete overhaul of where I spend my money, along with lots of lessons learned along the way. I’m not adopting an ‘all-or-nothing’ approach – I think that’s too extreme, difficult to do, and you would be constantly facing pitfalls, grey areas and criticism. So for now, I’m doing some research on brands prior to making purchases and giving more thought to how I shop.motivation3The main change has been gradually replacing hair, shower/bath and skincare products by changing to Lush. I definitely want to capture my experience of this so will be doing a series on the saga of switching to Lush products – especially those suited to dry or sensitive skin! Additionally, I’ve found a great organic veg box supplier, and have given up on Twinings tea in lieu of Clipper (organic and fair trade with non-bleached bags), which was less of a sacrifice than expected…!
  5. YouTubers
    I’ve recently found a few more great YouTubers to subscribe to – from left to right, Wengie, Chriselle Lim and Chloe Morello. They post high-quality beauty and fashion videos and are great for inspiration and tips. I don’t know how to dress myself, so it helps to watch advice videos.

    I really love this video of Chriselle’s on her Korean skincare routine – lots of products and ideas.

I think it helps to count your blessings – even if they are tiny and only involve swapping your moisturiser!

Is this all there is?

I sit here with a tissue shoved up each nostril melting slowly into a puddle of Lemsip, Earl Grey and digestive biscuits. I haven’t eaten anything but porridge or biscuits for 3 days. That’s not that…

Hello 2016

I definitely overestimated my ability to write here while holding down a full-time job, as well as managing other compulsory life stuff. I think I’ve overestimated my ability to do anything… or at least, it feels like…


    Aw I’m the same with work – I found that through the summer my confidence has dwindled and it was really hard to do anything actually! But like you I love the autumn, I see it as a great season of fresh beginnings, so I’m hoping for the best! And love your conscious move toward more natural and ethical companies, I’m definitely in the same boat. Discovered Lush last year (and love the Body Shop which is also super) and I’m slowly going toward that!xx

    Oh no 🙁 same here 🙁 will your work pick up now that the semester is starting? It is new beginnings 🙂 there is a real sense of that. And Lush is the best! It’s hard to find a compromise though for paying loads for something that you otherwise wouldn’t have given a thought. I feel tripped up by shopping sometimes, like how far do you take it? Especially when it comes to food. I don’t know… hurts my brain a bit haha xxx

    Alice. You’re definitely not alone. I feel for you. I think switching to Lush products is a tremendous idea. I’m glad you have autumn weather, TV and youtube to fall back on. One thing that helped me is just getting thirty minutes to get fresh air, after work. Just sit on a bench and watch the world go by, that helps increase my energy in an evening. If it’s raining, try mindfulness colouring in, it’s not strenuous but fun. If you need anything, give me a shout. Great article!

    That’s such a good idea, Ed. I hate being stuck indoors all day and I love, love Autumn/Winter, but it’s just hit me I’m going to have to find a new running route to go in the dark, plus I guess look into reflective clothing. We definitely didn’t realise how good we had it at uni huh… 🙁 Oh colouring in sounds great… I’ve heard about those adult colouring books! I will have to get one, thank you for the idea! Hope everything is well with you xx

    Hi Alice,

    I’m alright thanks. A new route, new reflective clothing (which I think you can make look extra cool), can be seen as a fresh start and a new opportunity. It’s also good forward thinking. Treat yourself to a funky hat and pair of gloves if you feel like. It’s prime time to do so. :). St Andrews was extremely well lit! I hope you find a fabulous route and make some wonderful colourful patterns! 🙂

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