2014: Looking back

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this site. I began my first post with three life goals for 2014 to try to put more focus and effort into my life:

  • Get kick-ass grades and know I tried my best
  • Complete Tough Mudder (June, 2014) which consequently means working out, eating cleanly, sleeping well and being well-watered, all that jazz for 6 months (oh help)
  • Be able to do the splits (either direction, not too fussed)

And I’m happy to say I actually achieved the first two. Unfortunately, it turns out doing the splits is not on the forefront of my mind a lot.

It’s a weird thing looking back on a year. My synesthesia means it’s stretched out beside and behind me – the months and weeks taking on dips and turns and a spectrum of colours, like a cartoonish bendy piano keyboard flying through space.

But literally, to me, it had three parts – January to May, which was an awful struggle through post-grad work and making mistakes in absolutely every part of my life, not done lightly and not an experience I want to repeat, June to August, the dissertation, constant work but relatively easy-going and consistent, and September to now, back home, which has been time off filled with the stress of job hunting, trying to relax and constant bouts of hives from an unexpected allergy to washing powder. What a hoot. It’s flown by.

So I managed the big things, which feels like an accomplishment.

There was also a bunch of little goals I’d scribbled down in a notebook. Small things to work towards – like having a clear out and being more comfortable with myself – and I feel they’ve been realised too, albeit more gradually and are still an ongoing process.

I have a rough idea of what I want to achieve in 2015, and I’m looking forward to setting some solid goals knowing that it really is possible to realise them if you try hard enough. It’s going to be a very different year – a full-time job and a proper weekly routine is going to hit like a ton of bricks. I feel at last my life is my own to decide what I’m doing with it; I hope I can commit the free time I have to what’s important.

For the next couple of weeks, I’ve signed up to Celestine Chua’s Personal Excellence 14-day Healthy Living Challenge. I’m pretty much ok with my own ‘healthy’ routine (although it has taken probably two years for it to become habitual), so will just aim to stay on track for the new year and follow her daily tasks.

I’ve added around 70 songs to my music this past year, but there is one that has never left my head – Where the Lonely Ones Roam (Piano Version) by Digital Daggers.

Roam with me
Come down to where all of the others fell
Get lost in the dark to find yourself

Just remember what I said
No it isn’t over yet

Say you have a little faith in me
Just close your eyes and let me lead
Follow me home

Need to have a little trust in me
Just close your eyes and let me lead
Follow me home
To where the lonely ones roam

It’s full of peace and faith. Alright 2015 – here goes.

Is this all there is?

I sit here with a tissue shoved up each nostril melting slowly into a puddle of Lemsip, Earl Grey and digestive biscuits. I haven’t eaten anything but porridge or biscuits for 3 days. That’s not that…

Hello 2016

I definitely overestimated my ability to write here while holding down a full-time job, as well as managing other compulsory life stuff. I think I’ve overestimated my ability to do anything… or at least, it feels like…


    I’m proud of you for having accomplished your year’s goals (well almost the split 😉 ). And as for 2015 – I totally feel you. It’s gonna start on a good note with work and everything and hoping to indeed spend free time doing something interesting and putting it to good use 🙂

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