Celebrating dissertations

A close friend and I have had a few lovely adventures over the past few weeks including shopping, walking, dancing and, most importantly, eating.

The best one was taking some time to celebrate doing well in our dissertations (and passing the degrees!!).

We spent the evening dancing at Dancebase which has this amazing glass ceiling.
dancebase1…and a wonderful view of the castle peeking through.



We treated ourselves to a meal out and went to Koyama – a really good value Japanese restaurent, which is cute, bright and serves great food.

bento1I would definitely recommend the Bento Boxes. They have recently lowered their prices (it’s a student area) and are now a lot cheaper than other places I’ve been too – I think it was £8.90 for the chicken one and even less for veggie/tofu. The sushi was also delicious too.


I think the main feeling has been relief, knowing the horrible amount of work and effort that went into the past year. It’s a weight off our shoulders to not have to worry about assessments or exams ever again. This felt like true closure.

We spent another afternoon in Portobello, sitting on the promenade eating sandwiches.



Having just been for a run neither of us felt up to even attempting a selfie but we did get a pretty decent picture of us together.

portobello2On the beach… technically.

To freedom from higher education, and friends. ♥



Is this all there is?

I sit here with a tissue shoved up each nostril melting slowly into a puddle of Lemsip, Earl Grey and digestive biscuits. I haven’t eaten anything but porridge or biscuits for 3 days. That’s not that…

Hello 2016

I definitely overestimated my ability to write here while holding down a full-time job, as well as managing other compulsory life stuff. I think I’ve overestimated my ability to do anything… or at least, it feels like…


    All of this looks absolutely amazing! Tomorrow I think I’m heading out for a drop in at Dance Base! Those bento boxes also look delicious AND I really need to head out to Portobello! 🙂 We should catch up soon!

    Thank you so much for your comment!! I am a huge fan – ‘Still Here’ and ‘When the Lonely Ones Roam (Piano)’ probably favourite songs of all time. Absolutely beautiful 🙂

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