It’s not monsters under my bed

The Great Clear-Out of 2014 is chuggling along really well. Today has been the first time I’ve felt I’ve broken the back of the mounds of belongings, now having enough space to vacuum and move furniture in my room. It has struck me that by the end of this process I will have held in my hands every single one of my possessions since birth, which is, I think, something quite awesome.

I spent the morning cleaning, sorting and tidying and the first lot of stuff went to a charity shop in the afternoon. I almost shed a tear as my pom-poms were left for sale. Almost.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been becoming more minimalistic and it’s working – the last year of university was spent with exactly what I needed to live, so now I know what is and isn’t necessary. On top of getting rid of older things I’m also trying to create a living space I can feel comfortable in for a few months at 24, despite it being the room I grew up in. Gone are posters, teenage novels and soft toys; in comes ‘decorative wall art’, more recent books I will treasure and display with pride and quite frankly, space.

I recently found an old notebook which I used a lot 2007-2011. Thanks to an inherited love-for writing-things-down from my father, in it was a list of What I Found Under My Bed during a 2009 spring-clean. This evening as I moved my bed to vacuum, I was not expecting a similar result (the bed goes all the way down to the floor with drawers full of books, so moving it often is not exercise I like to do).

To put this in context, list #1 (2009, age 19) occurred during my year out after school, living at home and loving every second spent working in a theatre. The stuff that had built up was from my entire teenage years. List #2 (tonight, 2014, age 24) is everything from the past 5 years, because who needs to clean under your bed regularly anyway.

What I Found Under My Bed, 12th May 2009

  • A tea tray with a picture of a cat on it
  • 2 lip salves
  • 7 anti-drugs/alcohol information booklets
  • 11 Books for Keeps magazines
  • 2 Mary-Kate and Ashley photos
  • A photo of my cat
  • 6 drawing pins (one found the painful way)
  • The Good Egg Yolk joke book
  • A party popper
  • The contents of the party popper
  • A sock
  • A body-scrubbing brush
  • A spellbook
  • 1 blue sparkly nail polish
  • A deflated balloon
  • A make-up brush
  • A paper bag
  • A Christmas card
  • A doorstopper
  • A film magazine
  • Another sock
  • A pen
  • A S Club CD case
  • Another, more detailed and specific, warning book about drugs
  • 3 assorted women’s magazines
  • 7 kirby grips
  • A tube of cream
  • A pack of throat lozenges
  • 3 make-up samples
  • 4p

What I Found Under My Bed, 8th October 2014

  • A water pistol
  • My Superdrug card
  • A bank account royalties card
  • Charm School by Anne Fine
  • 8 tissues
  • A clothes peg
  • Paracetamol box with 8 unopened capsules
  • A hairspray lid
  • A pink feather
  • A knife
  • 4 hair elastics
  • Your Life magazine
  • An envelope from 2004
  • 3 hair pins
  • 6 kirby grips
  • iPhone USB connecter end covers
  • 4 drawing pins (safely avoided this time)
  • The same spellbook
  • 2 lip salves
  • A doorstopper
  • A gold star
  • A toothpick
  • A threepenny bit

There is no context for these things. Absolutely none. I don’t mind the first list, but the second… I really don’t understand how these things managed such excellently random congregation.

New tidy bedside ♥

I am now also 3 pence richer, whee.

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