New nails & new music

Feeling like black.

This are the perfectly neat nails on my left hand; my right hand looks like a gothic impressionist painting.

Digital Daggers have released the first single, ‘Nothing’s Broken’, onto YouTube from their new album Mixed Emotions due out in November.

Their music is woeful and lingeringly desperate, dark and perfect.

I can’t let go of the only love I want to know,
The only love I want to know.
But now I see you’re just a ghost
And I’m spiraling out of control.

Switching to Lush: cleanser and toner review

This is part of an honest series on finding and replacing bath & body products with suitable Lush alternatives, due to a personal drive towards more ethical consumerism. As well as the products being cruelty-free…

Colour and cinematography in ‘Come Back Home’ by 2NE1

Combining a love for Korean pop music and colour palettes in visual media, this is a brief look at the beautiful composition, tones and cinematography in Come Back Home by 2NE1 (YG Entertainment, 2014).

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