First month of the rest of my life

During the last few weeks I was focusing so much on the degree I hadn’t considered what it would be like to be free of it. I suppose that’s the difference between being a student and being in the ‘real world’. As a student, I never knew when to stop and was constantly worrying I wasn’t working hard enough, despite pulling 12-hour days in the lab and barely eating or sleeping sometimes.

I now have some time to myself and time to figure out exactly where I’m going next, a position I’m very grateful and thankful to be in.

I don’t want to flounder about and I’ve had a week off now so I’m gathering my thoughts and setting some goals for the next couple of months. Autumn is beginning and it’s my favourite time of year. Leaves begin to crisp and turn and the air loses its summer stifle.

Sort out belongings

I have five years worth of stuff jammed into various bags and boxes and 19 years worth of stuff scattered across floors, up walls and down the back of chest of drawers. I’m going to be brutal and donate or sell everything I don’t need or that has no meaning to me anymore. It’s a mammoth task and one I’m quite apprehensive of starting.

Cook and bake everything

Hiding in various places I have found some majestic cookbooks of all types – vegetarian, baking, soups… I want to work my way through them and eat all of the things. I can’t wait.

Get outside

I’m a little sick of screens at the moment. I watch TV as a hobby and spend all day every day on my computer. Sometimes I feel like I’m never ‘switched off’. I’m looking for every opportunity to get outside and go for walks, runs and do gardening. I need some fresh air.

Post more often

A few days ago I read something about blogging and September, I think it was #blogtember – a challenge to post every day. I can’t manage that. My existence is not that exciting at the moment. However, I do want to post more often and branch out a bit.

Bathe like royalty

Part of the cleaning out has also revealed bottles and bottles of bath stuff. They are designed to be used and they will be enjoyed like I’ve never bathed before.

Read for fun

At last! I have a pile of Scott Fitzgerald books to get through and am also re-working my way through the His Dark Materials trilogy, which are a lot deeper philosophically than I remember when I was 11…


I miss it; when there is enough room on my bedroom floor for my mat I’m savasaning all over it.

Work out like a beast

I don’t have access to a gym anymore (and certainly can’t afford one at the moment). This will be a challenge but I don’t want to lose the momentum I gained over summer.


Because this is probably the last time I’ll ever have proper ‘time off’!


Is this all there is?

I sit here with a tissue shoved up each nostril melting slowly into a puddle of Lemsip, Earl Grey and digestive biscuits. I haven’t eaten anything but porridge or biscuits for 3 days. That’s not that…

Hello 2016

I definitely overestimated my ability to write here while holding down a full-time job, as well as managing other compulsory life stuff. I think I’ve overestimated my ability to do anything… or at least, it feels like…


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