Farewell, St Andrews

These pictures were taken over the last few days in the bubble.

On Monday morning, I had an extra five minutes before attending our MSc poster presentation session. I took the opportunity to go via the Scores which was so beautiful and bright at half nine in the morning.


West Sands with a very far-out tide.

st_andrews2st_andrews3I’m not much of a golfer but took a photo of the Links just for memories. This is a very similar view to what I could see out my room in halls in first year.

st_andrews4The Old Course hotel from the front – art deco and proud.

st_andrews5The next day a friend and I headed down to the pier.


Said hello to Mr Seagull.


And wondered back up into town again. This view of the castle is one of my favourites.

st_andrews6A familiar path, one I’ve staggered up so often on a run.


This final picture was actually taken around two and half years ago, when I went for a photo-taking walk at sunset in the dead of winter. The sun was setting into cold, dark air.

This was it. Five years at St Andrews and time to walk away. I hate goodbyes; this past week has been filled with them. It’s not just saying goodbye to people, but to a place that became my home.

I thankfully have time for a short break now. Space to finally breathe and sort everything out. I feel like a weight is off my shoulders, never having to succumb to the pressures of Higher Education again.

But St Andrews – I will miss you so much.

The hardest part of ending is starting again.

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