Workouts – July 2014

I took a couple of weeks off after Mudder in June to chill out and give my body a break. I ate a lot of junk having been pretty strict leading up to it so it felt good to get back into fitness stuff. I can’t believe the amount I went to gym in July – I think if I’m given the choice between lifting weights or writing a dissertation I will lift weights… looking back I’ve hardly run but there’s still time for that.

4th: arms
5th: 3.19 mile run
7th: arms & 1 hour dance
9th: 1.28 mile run
10th: arms
14th: 1 hour dance
15th: arms
17th: arms
18th: 2 hours dance
22nd: arms & 1 hour dance
24th: arms
30th: arms

I’ve finally got a reason to get training again and will be competing in the Spartan 5K Sprint obstacle race in September. I can’t wait; I think I’ve found my fitness ‘niche’ – something that combines running and climbing over stuff. They’re just so much fun, a little silly but still a serious fitness challenge. I think the area is called ‘functional fitness’ and it’s something that once university is over I’m definitely going to look at getting more involved in.

A small victory occurred a few days ago at the gym – I was bicep-curling away (aka struggling to move) and glanced at the guy next to me – he was on 5kg per arm and I was on 10. I know gloating is Not Done… but seriously, this is a rare occurrence. I have never, in going to the gym regularly for about 2 years, seen someone using lighter weights than me. I am ALWAYS lifting lighter or the machines are set higher when I sit down and I need to adjust them. Feel like I’m getting somewhere at last and am no longer the beginner.

Night by bus
Night by bus

I don’t have any recent pictures except this one taken out the bus window when I went to Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago. I thought the colours looked quite cool.

Thankfully wrote 2500 words yesterday, so dissertation is plodding along. I have a pathetic intermediary life goal for the moment and that is to completely catch-up-to-date with Sons of Anarchy before the seventh and final season begins next month. It’s a pretty big task but I reckon if I put my mind to it I can manage it.

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