Tough Mudder: the aftermath

On Saturday I actually completed the Tough Mudder course!  After 6 months of attempting to work out and eat right it crept up horribly slyly and suddenly we were facing 11.7 miles and 24 obstacles. And a ton of mud. A LOT of mud. I mean there really was a lot of mud. I should have probably realised that beforehand from the name.

I absolutely loved every second which I wasn’t expecting. I don’t know if fate was just on my side but I never ‘hit the wall’ in terms of exhaustion despite never having run that far in my life.  I did, however, hit an actual wall… More on that later.

I am unbelievably happy because I sailed through obstacles I had planned to skip and by mile 5 was loving life running through the forest.

I'm so proud of this!
I’m so proud of this!

The headband and finishers t-shirt are definitely going to become part of my workout clothes now!

Last Sunday I injured my knee on a run and spent the week wondering whether or not I’d actually be able to take part. After a couple hours in Minor Injuries the doctor said I’d probably be fine but would likely re-do the injury during the event. Amazingly, my knee was fine. My body has been in bit of pain the last couple of days (I couldn’t move on Saturday afternoon and had to take the stairs on all fours) but am feeling a lot better today. Apart from seriously bruised knees, blisters, some scrapes, a strained foot and painful tendon at the top of my leg I seem to have got out unscathed…

A Scottish sunset
A Scottish sunset

I love sunset photography and couldn’t resist taking a couple of photos this weekend. I especially love the raindrops on the window in this one.

Forth Bridge treasure...
Forth Bridge treasure…

I still can’t believe I managed it. Last year this seemed like a mammoth task that only the ultra-fit could do and I can honestly say that’s not true because if I can manage it I bet others can as well. I trained for about 5 miles of running in one go and was in the gym as much as possible strength training. Unfortunately, trying to train for this and do a Master’s degree just didn’t work out well, pun intended… I could have been a lot fitter.

The main thing I’ve taken from this is a major sense of personal achievement. It’s given me a lot more motivation and fitness inspiration to keep training. I want to train harder, faster and attempt another.

In a while though. I can’t bend one of my feet.

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