Workouts – February 2014

The hardest thing this past month has been the running. It’s just gone completely out the window as deadlines and work took over – which is terrible, because it’s the most freeing thing to do. I definitely made it to the gym more, but I’m scared to look at February’s breakdown.

3rd: 2 hours dance
6th: 1.5 hours dance
7th: 4.31 mile run
10th: 2 hours dance
13th: 1.5 hours dance
14th: arms/upper body
17th: 2 hours dance
18th: 3.63 mile run
20th: 1.5 hours dance
21st: arms/upper body
24th: 4.58 mile run
27th: 1.5 hours dance

The only reason it looks like a lot is because I dance twice a week and that’s hardly a good workout unless I’m teaching the class (the hour and half ones). I tend to be pretty laid back otherwise.

It’s been beautiful here the last few days and I grabbed a great photo out my window as the sun set last night. Few days to go and it’s Spring Break at last.

Grateful for a good view like this.
Grateful for a good view like this. Could do with cleaning my window.

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