Workouts – January 2014

I think I’ve managed to find something entirely new in life I’m not very good at. What an achievement. Frozen in fear about sharing anything or knowing what to say, I have absolutely no idea how to go about this whole blogging thing. Frankly I don’t think it really counts if you take a comfortable two month break between posts.

I need to post something, so without further ado, this is a gentle account of January’s workouts and training.

January began with easing back into running. It’s been pretty easing since too and it’s now March. I got a fantastic running top for Christmas and now resemble a fast-moving Nike advertisement every time I hit the pavement, very swash. I spent a wonderful two weeks interning in a University department and getting slapped in the face with a real 9-5 job, so it really forced precious evenings into having purpose. Then classes resumed and the Master’s degree demon clawed its way back into every second of the day.

Thanks to technology and all its marvellous tracking glory, I have a good record of everything I did. Great. It’s pretty clear Tough Mudder might finish me.

2nd: 3.07 mile run
3rd: 50 min yoga
5th: 3.43 mile run
9th: 3.43 mile run
14th: arms/upper body
15th: 3.54 mile run
20th: 3.88 mile run
23rd: 3.83 mile run
27th: 1 hour dance
30th: 1.5 hour dance

That’s it, unfortunately. Lots of running and little else. I’m afraid to look at February now – resistance training is really lacking and yoga is non-existent. I suppose best-laid-plans were just that – plans – but still time to improve.

Diet-wise, I’ve ‘let go’ in terms of going all out and restricting certain ‘bad’ foods – there are too many dangers with that. So I’m eating well but not over-thinking it, for once.

Absolutely no idea when the next post will be – but surprises are always nice – so, who knows!

Here is a distracting photo of the sunset #nofilter

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